The Business Case for Enterprise Cloud

The Business Case for Enterprise Cloud
Not all cloud models are created equal. To develop an effective cloud strategy, enterprises should assess, compare and contrast two typical options - "commodity" and "enterprise" cloud providers. Understanding the differences is essential to meet current and future IT requirements with efficiency and scalability.

"Commodity clouds" - defined by their robust scalability and manual operations - can seem like an attractive option for cost-conscious companies looking to embrace cloud. But with hidden costs and heavy operational burdens on the user, commodity can't always meet the complex needs of a growing enterprise.

"Enterprise clouds" - defined by consistent network, premium hardware and globally redundant infrastructure - are the more costly option on paper. When you look closely, the built-in, automated services and the binding SLAs enterprise clouds deliver can ultimately result in greater savings.

The hidden costs of commodity cloud become evident when comparing monthly bills with the potential cost of a problem. System outages and security breaches are expensive, with one analyst determining the expense of downtime as $160,000/hour for enterprise applications. There's also the "human cost" of having users run their own applications. Enterprise clouds provide more automation of infrastructure administration, taking the burden off IT experts and resulting in savings and better ROI. When making the decision between commodity and enterprise, businesses ultimately need to ask, "What is my operational experts' time worth?"

Read The Business Case for Enterprise Cloud now, and learn how an enterprise cloud meets enterprise demands for performance, security, reliability and cost efficiency.

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