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Flash Array Deployment For Dummies: How to make flash a cost-effective part of your data centre

Published: August 1st, 2016 By: IT World Canada Team

Just like storage problems have plagued the office twenty years ago, the modern workplace is still having troubles storing their information – only now it faces how to store data on your computer instead of storing physical files in a dusty room.

Many organizations fail to realize that how well your information technology (IT) performs strongly affects how well your business performs. Fortunately, solid state storage made from NAND flash memory chips has evolved to the point where many organizations are considering its use to replace inefficient, slow mechanical-spinning systems.

Whether in ecommerce, government, financial services, science and technology or simply enterprises with cloud, mobile or social engagement requirements, database performance drives value—and flash storage systems simply perform better than old mechanical ones. Recent studies have shown also that overall IT costs can be lowered by embracing higher-performing storage systems.

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Flash Array Deployment for Dummies

What to consider before moving to the cloud:

The role of data storage systems plays a vital role in achieving important objectives, improves customer service and leads to faster decision-making.

If you’re not sure what flash storage system is right for you, the book
Flash Array Deployment For Dummies
tackles the data storage challenges of enterprises, and how they can make it a successful, cost‐ effective part of their data center.

Download this exclusive eBook to learn more about the data storage limitations driving businesses to look at flash storage and find out why data storage performance matters.

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