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How performance and flexibility serve the enterprise

Published: August 1st, 2016 By: IT World Canada Team

In today’s IT world, IT professionals must keep up with the changing physical infrastructure and navigate business and cost management challenges at the same time. Specifically, performance, reliability, and security are becoming concerns for running newer, more performance-hungry, business-critical applications on x86 Linux.

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Performance And Flexibility Serve The Enterprise: Research Reveals Path To Maximize Linux Performance

IT leaders are seeing a need to be more security-minded and flexible when it comes to collecting, analyzing and using data in innovative ways. They are choosing to do this through a multichannel, multidevice process in real-time to meet their performance requirements.

A Forrester Consulting study reveals that IT leaders rely much less on x86 Linux systems to run newer, performance-hungry applications. Companies that hope to stay competitive in the marketplace must begin to consider alternatives to x86, or else they will find themselves at a serious infrastructure disadvantage.

Download the IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting study to evaluate whether enterprises’ hardware and operating system environments are facing challenges from increasingly demanding workloads from applications and data.

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